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Established in 1955, TFL is widely recognized as one of the most successful youth football programs in America. 

We are the "unofficial" feeder for many metro-Atlanta public, parochial, and private middle school football programs. Our volunteer coaches focus on building confidence and self-esteem in our children.  We stress to our student-athletes the importance of mastering the basic skills of their sport so they have a solid foundation to advance in life.

Travel Teams – Unlimited weight, Single Age  (Ages: 4 - 12)

  • The most advanced kids in terms of football knowledge and skills earn a spot on one of our select travel teams. 



  • All kids that register in good faith will be placed on a team. 

  • Evaluations/tryouts will be used for placement purposes only.

  • League associations are subject to change.

  • No child is guaranteed to be placed on the team of their choice.

  • Tucker Football League (TFL) does not have a playing time rule, though all coaches are encouraged to get every kid in every game.  In other words, TFL is NOT a pay-to-play program and the BEST kids will play!

  • Although the City of Tucker (COT) maintains/controls the facilities, TFL is not a COT program nor do they fall under the purview of the COT. TFL partners with the COT in many instances but it remains its own entity under its own Bylaws, regulations and governing board.


Tucker Lions Head Coaches:                                                                                 


5u Coach - OPEN                                                                                               

6u  Head Coach - Dewayne Johnson                                                                 

7u Head Coach - Rico Horton                                                                           

8u Head Coach - Ronnie Horton                                                                       

9u Head Coach - Erick Mole                                                                             

10u Green Head Coach - Enefiok Ema                                                              

10u White Head Coach - Carlos Foney

11u Head Coach - David Washington

12u Head Coach - Aundre Goode

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