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Frequently Asked Questions


What age must my child obtain before he/she can participate?

Age  Range:   4 to 12 years  (May not turn 13 prior to July 1 of year of participation).  

Can a donor support my child’s team/squad and write a check endorsed to me?

We strongly encourage donors to financially support TFL and potentially receive a tax deduction for their contribution(s).  This is ONLY achieved if their check is endorsed to Tucker Football League, Inc. OR TFL, Inc., a non-profit Georgia 501(c)(3) organization. 

If my team/squad secures a Sponsor, what portion of the money is allocated to my team/squad?*

After each team/squad pay their mandatory Park Dues (2019 Park Dues = $500) and ALL individual team registrations are paid, sponsorships dollars raised by each team are allocated for reasonable team expenses. 


What is the Tucker Football League, Inc. Internal Revenue Service Employer Identification Number (EIN)?


How is the money spent?

All money raised is credited to the TFL General Operating Account and distributed according to a Board approved annual budget.  

How can I get involved?

There are numerous volunteer positions available.  Please contact your designated Team/Squad Manager.